Omni channel software


Cathing the short and long tail

The retail landscape is changing and place, position and price are no longer the key success factors that help you to differentiate yourself from competitors. With online shopping and M-commerce becoming an integral part of our lives, Omni-channel retailing is what you need to stand out of the crowd.  

omni channel

“Omni-channel retailing is all about mixing physical and digital channels to create a unified customer experience and offering customers their favourite products wherever they go and whenever they want”

omni channel

We help our customers to build that unified customer experience by taking care of the technique behind it, from the back office - with Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Distribution - to the front office, with Point of Sale and E-commerce. In this way, consumers are able to find you with all devices – such as a Smart phone, Ipad, Android laptop or pc, and via all channels.


Consumers select their favourite store based on trust, this goes for offline but is also true for online. Trust is based on clear communication, excellent service and a consistent experience. To be able to offer all this, it is important to integrate all underlying processes seamlessly. Where the front-end of the solution is concerned with customer experience, the back-end needs to bring it all together, and that is where we come in.


With K3 Omni-channel we help you to transform your physical store into a real “experience centre” where your consumers can see, feel and taste the products and in which staff works together with technology to add value to your customers.


The integrated Point of Sale (POS) that sets the new standard for speed and ease of use so that transactions are performed error free and customers don’t have to wait in line, is a key aspect of our Omni-channel solution.


Mobile solutions form another focal point in our Omni-channel approach. It allows customers to order their favourite products in the webshop while visiting the “experience centre”.

omni channel

By using the “like”  button they can directly share their new product with friends on Social Media, an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness.


As your webshop is the digital showroom of your company it is a key aspect in our Omni-channel solution. Besides a consistent brand- and shop experience it is vital to be able to deliver on the order, deliver, and return promise. The integration with the back office ensures that orders and deliveries are processed rapidly and the return process is optimized. Stock optimization becomes a fact and promotions can be communicated across all channels.